village historian

Marc Cheshire was appointed Village Historian in 2018. His interest in local history began when he first moved to Croton and met his next door neighbor, Joyce Finnerty, who was then the Village Historian. When she told him that the foundation of his house was made of stone left over from the construction of the New Croton Dam and that a Native American skeleton had once been discovered at the end of his driveway, he became fascinated by the rich history of the Croton area. In 2012 he started a blog, Croton: History and Mysteries to share his research with the community.


previous historians

Historians have been appointed by the Village of Croton-on-Hudson in compliance with New York State law since 1919.

  • George W. Baker, 1919
  • Alvin M. Higgins, 1930
  • Evarts Greene, 1940
  • Marian Graves, 1953
  • Mary Marrin, 1964
  • Jane Northshield, 1974
  • Joyce Finnerty, 1999
  • Mary Lambruschi, 2010
  • Dorothy Pezanowski, 2011